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There are many different species of ants in Florida. These invaders can quickly infest your home if not taken care of properly. I don't just spray and walk away. I will find the nest and/or entry points and find a treatment plan that will be the most economical and environmentally friendly. Sometimes, that means just trimming vegetation off of your home.

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While outside, there are many predators to eliminate cockroaches. Unfortunately, when these little creatures find their way into your home, there's usually no predators to eat them. If left unchecked, cockroaches can quickly become a problem, not just for the squeamish, but they are known disease carriers. Cockroaches can be brought into your home by any number of reasons. They are not always associated with clutter or improper sanitation. There are easy ways to eliminate these pests from your home.



In South Florida, mosquito season is year round. I can help reduce the population of disease carrying mosquitoes. I am excited to offer the In2Care mosquito trap which requires zero maintenance by you and has the least amount of environmental impact. I have a terrible mosquito problem at my home and this system has allowed us to enjoy being outside again!

I also offer mosquito misting which can be scheduled monthly or as a one-time, as needed knockdown when you are planning an outdoor event. 


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~ Amanda Mohorek, Certified Pest Control Operator


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